The unspoken and hidden tolls of American war continues to lie deep within the canvas of the American people, our military and their families.  From World War II,  Vietnam , Desert Storm to Afghanistan and Iraq our soldiers and their family members continue to fight the battle even after they come home.  The statistics speak for themselves, in California alone there are over two million Veterans, a large percentage are Vietnam Veterans who are homeless.  The more recent soldiers who are returning home are facing an equally daunting task of trying to continue to be a productive part of society and adjust back into civilian life.  

Veterans from all eras are suffering and exhibiting signs of severe psychological and physical wounds as a result of their service and
are disappearing through the cracks of our society.  Because of these men and women who have given their “all” for our country and our  freedom, we are passionately committed to helping them heal from their hidden and many times overlooked wounds.

The Forgotten Soldier Program is an innovative nonprofit organization dedicated and passionate to working with Veterans of every era by helping to heal emotional and spiritual trauma and physical symptoms with many holistic therapies, educational programs, resources  and life transition tools.

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